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We are professional and expert media buyers and web advertisers who joined together to provide you with the best sources and solutions for website traffic, leads and acquisitions.

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Traffic Sources

Our main sources of traffic are verified exchanges, where traffic is being bought through RTB (Real-Time Bidding) processes. Sources for each campaign are chosen according to relevant vertical and topic (e.g Trading, Gambling, etc), and either specific websites and/or different user asspects are targeted. While the campaign is live we monitor the traffic sources and optimize along the way - increasing or decreasing volume of specific sources or targeting methods.

Our Platform

Our platform derives from more than 25 different variables from user browsers. This allows us to monitor and control different aspects of traffic such as source (website), time-stamp, referrer, category, and many more. We can segment the campaign data and identify patterns - what user aspects correlate with higher or lower quality. Once a pattern is spotted, we can increase / decrease that type of traffic. You may recieve reports by request, and we may request some reports from you, in order to further optimize the campaign's traffic.

We've got what you need!

We provide our customers with the best tailor-made solutions so they can achieve their advertising goals. Campaigns we run are highly customizable (Geo-Location, Scheduled Ads, User / Keyword Targeting) and are constantly optimized, on the fly. We fully integrate campaigns to CRM, and give scheduled reports so you will always have complete understanding of your campaign status. With us Results are Guaranteed! We are committed to your campaign's success and ROI.

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Leads Generation is the ultimate goal of online marketing. Generating high quality leads that turn into conversions is the main service we offer our clients. It takes a few things to have the ability to generate quality traffic, and we've mastered them all.

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We promise about Quality and Quantity of our traffic, Leads and Conversions will be good quality otherwise you can ask for refund if there is no quality,
there will be 100% quality for sure


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